Most industries workforce will use some form of technology in their day-to-day routines. We explore some of the most common complaints from employees and the appropriate solution.

Lost data – Losing important data is one of the worst things that can happen to a business, it causes a massive inconvenience both financially and with work productivity whilst attempts are made to recover the information.

The solution – Backing up your data offers a safety net, the options to make this work effectively are varied. However, some businesses don’t feel comfortable using the cloud or worry that if the information is backed up on site, a crash could mean it is still lost altogether. The solution is Integra’s offsite backup, we provide a service that means you are able to securely save all of your chosen files to our external backup servers. Schedule a specific time or manually back up any files you wish, night or day. The back up software just runs in the background providing support and a safety net when needed.

Technical faults – If your current system is not well maintained, you may experience many hours of downtime, which will cause you and your business major issues and could end up costing you a fortune. Employees also find that when experiencing technical difficulties with their equipment, they are not qualified or trained to fix the problem.

The solution – Our IT Support Contracts can give you piece of mind, we ensure that your systems are looked after by IT professionals in Essex, with years of experience. Get the support you need, when you need it from our friendly members of staff over the phone or by arranging a call out.

The internet is slow – Your company cannot function correctly when connections to the internet are inconsistent. Statistics now show that the majority or homes and businesses are not receiving the fast broadband sold to them in their contracts.

The solution – Integra can restore the connectivity by making sure our customers get the fastest possible broadband speed. With a 99.9% network availability average, our broadband services are ideal for companies using video, voice or VPN on a regular basis and also those with many users on site needing fast and reliable access to the Internet. We give you an affordable quote and your solution will be provisioned 10 days from when you placed your order.

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