There are two ways you can detect an intruder, either before or after they have entered your property. Having a monitored security system installed in your home or office can provide you with a level of protection and here’s why.

A common misconception made by most home and business owners are that an activated security system will work just as well as one that is monitored. However this isn’t necessarily the case, an activated security system is one that can be armed or disarmed, where as a monitored system is one that is linked to a centre that can summon the appropriate help when the alarm goes off.

If you choose to have a monitored alarm system over an activated alarm system, help will arrive within minutes of your home being invaded when the alarm has been triggered. Also, with an activated alarm, you can’t always rely on the fact that people will react to the sound of your alarm because they are so used to hearing car alarms and false alarms going off and as a result choose to ignore the sound; whereas, with a monitored alarm system you are guaranteeing your personal safety in the home or place of work. In the case of a home invasion help will be beckoned and the sound of the alarm may also scare off the intruder. Previous research has shown that properties that display signs that indicate the home is under a monitoring agreement are less likely to be broken into. Not to mention that if you decide to have an alarm system installed you will be putting your own mind at ease as your friends, a member of your family and the emergency services will be sent for immediately if your house was ever broken into.

As well as your ensuring your security though you will also be enhancing your safety if you decide to get an alarm installed. The majority of our systems have a smoke detector wired in, so if your property ever caught fire, the emergency services will be contacted whether you were at home or not or your alarm was switched off.

Each one of the monitored alarm systems we install offer a range of digital and speech communicators to protect your property by simply connecting through to a standard phone line. The digital communicator is designed to fit easily into existing security systems and each time it is activated it will silently call family, friends, company members, the emergency services or a central monitoring centre who will in turn alert the police. Speech communicators, on the other hand, can be used when the premises is monitored by friends and family or a monitoring centre, which will send one of four pre-recorded messages to describe the incident.

Of course, as is the case with any form of security system, whether you decide to install an activated or monitored alarm system you will be providing your premises with a level of security that you wouldn’t have if you decided against alarming your property. At Integra, we believe that installing a monitoring station or communicators not only offers excellent value for money but crucially enhances the security to any home or workplace. For more information on our security systems, do not hesitate to get in touch.