Working from a dedicated email server, Essex, can deliver a whole host of benefits for your company if used effectively. Some organisations are sending thousands of emails every day and so it’s imperative to use a server that supports your workload. Here are benefits of using a dedicated email server:

Over time, you’ll find that using a dedicated email server will help to reduce the amount of administrative work. This involves logging in and out of the server as you wish; this is particularly useful as there will be times when emails are more difficult to respond to on an instant basis. Fortunately, you can set an automated response that informs the sender of your absence, explaining that you’re out of the office. It’s simple to do and can be achieved by visiting the email server settings.

In the same that hosted email archiving is more than just email storage for the sake of record keeping and compliance, a dedicated email server is capable of storing thousands of emails and email addresses at once. This is hugely beneficial for larger corporations, who have a greater client base and require the space to store emails so that employees can refer back to them at a later date.

If two separate companies are in close proximity to each other there is a chance that they will be sharing a server. However, a dedicated email server belongs to you, so there is no need to split it with other businesses. As a result this is will impact your bandwidth and elevate the speed at which messages are sent and received due to the lighter load. Again, this is beneficial to companies who exchange thousands of emails on a frequent basis. Sometimes if it takes longer to send a message, this can reduce the speed at which other tasks are completed.

These email servers are renowned for their performance and security features. Where information is repetitively backed up, the chances of losing confidential information is improbable. Coupled with the fact that authorised personnel are expected to enter a username and password, it is increasingly difficult for people to gain access to the material that they are not supposed to see.

Its ability to integrate a CRM system and synchronise with other applications, also implies that any previous and future interactions with customers are not affected. This is especially important if your considering whether to opt for a dedicated email server over a shared server, as it clearly doesn’t take a great deal of effort to install.

Having said this, a dedicated server will cost you more than a shared one, but will provide you with more control, stability and less outside issues, making it perfect for businesses. At Integra, we will be able to help with your email hosting, Essex, get in touch with a member of our team today for more information.