It’s unsurprising to find that so many businesses have turned to hosted email archiving, due to the volume of emails that are sent and received on a daily basis. Emails are now an integral part of the way we communicate in business and archiving is used to help efficiently store it all.

If we’re not careful we could end up spending valuable time searching for a specific email, only to find that our search criteria meets half of our inbox. Just imagine how much more your employees could achieve in a day if that time was cut down? A lot! If everyone in an organisation of 500 employees spent just 10 minutes a week searching for that one email, that company would have saved 2.8 years of man power per year. That’s a lot of money you could have spent elsewhere on something more worthwhile. It’s also worth baring in mind that an employee costs more than any hardware or software you may purchase as well. So without a reliable hosted email archiving system in place, your employees would spend more time using it, particularly as the volume of emails increase.

Not only will this save your company money and improve the productivity of your staff, but also employees won’t have to worry about hoarding emails in personal files any more. As a result, you won’t have to run the risk of losing important data due to server, storage or mailbox constraints ever again. We find that businesses are always getting in touch with our IT support Essex, to resolve the speed of their email server Essex, where their volume of emails have slowed it down significantly.

At Integra, you’re entitled to as much storage as you need, whenever you need it. You won’t have to back your emails up any more using our hosted email archiving.

We do recommend using our hosted exchange Essex, however in order for us to activate your account we provide all of our customers with 50GB mailboxes. Our customers can access these anywhere, either on a compatible laptop, tablet or mobile phone. From just £5.00 per user per month, you are entitled to our advance security upgrade designed exclusively for your inbox. We are able to protect and recover lost emails far more easily.

To get started, please call or email us on 0800 254 5 254 or [email protected] for a quote today with the amount of storage your emails will need.