Number Porting is a way of moving your telephone numbers from one provider to another.

You can port your existing telephone numbers over to Integra by filling out the relevant details, we’ll then submit the port and keep you updated on its progress.

Your first UK Geographic Number Port (numbers starting 01/02 in the UK) is free of charge.

Each port thereafter is £30.00 ex VAT per number.

Non-Geographic numbers and Multi-Line/Multi-Range numbers are charged separately.

Number ports that fail/are unsuccessful are charged a Rejection fee (after the 2nd rejection – this includes the first 2 rejections). This includes your first FREE port. Ports will generally fail due to incorrect details being submitted, so be sure to submit the correct details.

How do I port my number(s)?

Download and complete our porting form here.

Scan the signed copy and email it to [email protected] along with a copy of your latest telephone bill showing your nameaddress, and telephone number so we have proof the number belongs to you.

Number ports take around 7-10 working days but can vary depending on different factors and depending on how complex the port is.

Non Geographic number porting can take longer than Geographic ports.

Once submitted, we’ll keep you updated on its progress.

Once the number port has completed successfully, we’ll add the number to your account and you can configure it in Hosted VoIP > Manage > Devices & Numbers > Telephone Numbers

Additional Porting Information

If you are porting your telephone numbers away from us to a different provider (whether an original Integra number or a number ported to us), we charge a small fee to cover the work that is involved in dealing with the GCP (gaining communications provider) and configuring the number on our platform to ensure that calls route correctly to the GCP (gaining communications provider).

When porting any traditional landline numbers (analogue lines), the original installation address of the line should be used in the porting form. For example, if you had the line installed at Address A and moved in the past to Address B, keeping your number and moving it to Address B, then Address A should be used on the porting form.

Please be aware that incorrect details on porting forms will lead to a Rejection of the port which causes delays and 2+ rejections of a port will incur an additional charge.

Standard Extensions

£500per month

Unlimited Extensions

£1000per month

Package Extensions

£1399per month

Telephone Number

£200per month

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