The days where businesses rely on a landline to stay connected with their customers are coming to an end. Voice over Internet Protocol, commonly referred to as VoIP, allows you to make calls over the Internet; in turn saving you money, and improving your accessibility and flexibility.

But what exactly is VoIP? To begin with, it converts all analogue audio signals into digital data that can be transmitted over the Internet. It must also be pointed out that VoIP calls can still be made through the use of analogue telephone adapters, also referred to as ATA’s, computer-to-computer connections and IP phones. The most popular VoIP solution for businesses is IP phones. They look identical to normal phones, yet have an Ethernet connector connecting them directly to your network.

In comparison to a standard telephone service, VoIP saves you money. Costs to operate your VoIP service are much lower than those for traditional phone companies, and these savings are passed on to you.

The conventional phone system assigns a phone number with a dedicated line, so you cannot move your home or office phone to another place if you want to use the same number. How frustrating is it to ask for a phone number update when moving home or office? Very! The VoIP, however, provides you with a number, thus improving your mobility in the process. This means you can use the same number virtually everywhere you go, as long as it has proper Internet connectivity. Many businesspeople nowadays carry around their IP phones when travelling and use the same numbers everywhere. Not to mention that wherever the phone goes, the same service is likely to be available as well.

Depending on how the call is placed, long distance VoIP calls are cheap or free as it has no geographical boundaries. So that means that the area or country code is no longer bound to a specific location.

VoIP also helps you scale, so as you sit back and watch your company grow, you will not be required to install new phone lines; you can use your existing broadband and simply buy extra headsets.

Despite its benefits, VoIP also has its drawbacks. Where traditional phones just work, the internet service required to power the VoIP can experience hiccups or downtime. These issues can then cause inactivity and interruptions during VoIP conversations.

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