So you’re looking to set up a new business landline, Essex, because your current one keeps cutting out? I’m not surprised! Fortunately for you, you have come to the right place! Here at Integra we are able to provide our customers with discounted line rentals and phone calls through BT open reach. Our technicians are experienced when it comes to setting up business telephones Essex and you could find yourself saving up to 40% on your current bill if you go through us.

Home phone owners can deal with a few dropped calls without worrying about the consequences, but a bad connection can end up costing your business fortunes. Either you weren’t able to understand the caller on the other end or you missed their call entirely. That could have been a potential client on the other end! Luckily we are able to provide you with cheap phone calls at the best possible price through Least Cost Routing. We are also able to integrate our SIP trunking, Essex, into your current phone system, which is compatible with most traditional systems, saving you thousands in the process.

If your business is able to keep its customers on the line, it stands a much better chance of growing, and with the right system in place you can be assured that your calls will have stability. With our VoIP Essex you are able to take advantage of the best that telecommunications technology has to offer. What’s more is that our lines tend to cost significantly less than those offered by the traditional phone companies. It has never been simpler to add and remove a line and we can have your account set up in minutes. All you need is a fast business broadband essex, which it uses as it’s backbone, but of course you would need a landline to help run this. No landline, no DSL.

At Integra, our global telecoms company, Essex, have been offering in depth help and assistance with businesses voice, data and security installations for over 20 years. We focus on delivering a transparent customer service and cost effective solutions to our client’s needs. We understand that you are always looking for the best deals, which is why we don’t allow our price to affect our level of service.

If you would like assistance setting up your new business landline Essex, contact a member of our team today!