The 5AC Loco compared to the Loco M5 is superior in every way – smaller form factor, lower price point, and faster throughput (450Mbps vs 150Mpbs). We highly recommend all customers upgrade to the NS-5ACL when making a purchase.

The Ubiquiti NanoStation 5AC Loco, or NS-5ACL takes the same concept as its popular predecessor and brings it into the future with sleek form factors, along with integrated airMAX (MIMO TDMA protocol) technology and dedicated Wi-Fi management.

Please note, the Nanostation 5AC Loco is not suitable for connection to an M5 access point. If you need to connect to an Airmax M5 please take a look at the Nanobeam M5 16 instead.

Versatile Mounting – Suitable for indoor and outdoor installations

Improved Surge Protection – The NanoStation AC loco utilises the latest ESD Protection to help protect against power surges.

Efficient Footprint – The radio and antenna are combined into a single body that takes up minimal space.

Quick Installation – No fasteners are required for pole-mounting.

Management Wi-Fi Radio – Each NanoStation AC model integrates a separate Wi-Fi radio for fast and easy setup using your mobile device.

Now with airOS 8 – airOS 8 provides powerful features, including airMAX ac protocol support, real-time RF analytics, and an all-new design for enhanced usability.

Powerful Wireless Features:

  • Access Point PtMP airMAX Mixed Mode.
  • airMAX ac Protocol Support
  • Long-Range Point-to-Point (PtP) Link Mode
  • Selectable Channel Width;
    PtP: 10/20/30/40/50/60/80 MHz
    PtMP: 10/20/30/40 MHz
  • Automatic Channel Selection
  • Transmit Power Control: Automatic/Manual
  • Automatic Distance Selection (ACK Timing)
  • Strongest WPA2 Security