Simple & powerful SMS Solutions

Our SMS service is a highly flexible way to expand your customer communications and marketing to send thousands of messages to anywhere in the world, in seconds!

We use premium mobile networks to ensure the most reliable service when sending your SMS messages.

Our online service via our My Integra control panel allows you to send messages wherever you are, and in addition to this, you can setup Email2SMS which enables you to send via any authorised email addresses meaning you can link the service to any existing CRM systems you have.

Over 85% of UK Consumers use a smart phone in the UK, making SMS a great way to keep in contact with your existing customer base and to market your products and services to potential new customers.


  • Get Started Instantly: You can get started straight away with our SMS service via our My Integra control panel. Simply signup, login, add your SMS credits and get sending!

  • Sending: Send SMS messages instantly, through our My Integra control panel or via sending an email. Messages can also be scheduled to send at a specific time.

  • Receiving: Receive messages into one or more inboxes. Use short numbers, long numbers and/or keywords for people to send messages to and have them filter into the correct inbox.

  • Contact Groups: Create contacts and split them into groups to send messages to in bulk

  • Email2SMS: Send SMS messages via an email through your email client or link to an existing CRM system.

  • Short Numbers: Choose a short number for customers’ to send messages to.

  • Long Numbers: Choose a long number (11-digit) for customers’ to send messages to.

  • Keywords: Setup a unique keyword for customers’ to send SMS messages to and filter into your inbox.


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