There are a whole host of reasons why you should choose Voip, Essex it was developed in order to provide access to voice communication anywhere in the world. In most places, it can prove quite costly to make a call to someone living in a country half way around the globe. Fortunately, Voip solves this problem and many others!

If you haven’t already converted to Voice over Internet Protocol, then you’re most probably using the good old fashioned phone line to make your calls. On a PSTN (Packet-Switched Telephone Network), time really is money and you are actually paying for every minute you spend communicating on the phone. So when you take into consideration the amount of money you could spend making international calls, you could find yourself saving a fortune with Voip, Essex. The only cost you have when using it is your standard, monthly Internet bill.

Of course, Voip is not possible without fast business broadband essex as it uses the Internet as a backbone. Most people nowadays are using unlimited 24/7 ADSL and this allows your monthly cost to be of a fixed amount, so you won’t have to worry about spending more on your bill one month over another. Unbelievably, studies have shown that you can save up to 40% on local calls and an amazing 90% on international calls if you use Voip over a PSTN line.

If you’re an internet user wishing to use Voip, Essex for voice communication, the only additional hardware you require besides your computer and the internet connection, include a sound card, speakers and a microphone. These can prove quite cheap and are already included in several existing VoIP applications such as Skype. The only issue is, is that you will usually not get much or any support with this particular service.

Here at Integra our technical support team are on hand to provide 24/7 telecommunication support, Essex and will have your account set up in minutes. We are also able to offer a 99.9% uptime on our platform. Quite honestly, it’s ideal for your business and will save you masses of money, especially if you are a growing business looking to cut down on your costs. We are incredibly flexible and will be able to add and remove telephone number as many times as you need.

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