Rest assured that your assets are safe when you protect your property with our Access Control Systems. It provides peace of mind and unrivalled protection against possible intruders and other unauthorised personnel. Below I have identified exactly why you shouldn’t leave it any longer to use our systems.

To begin with, it allows you to have complete control over who has access to your building. With this system in place, those who are authorised can access certain areas within specified hours. It’s the ideal solution for businesses, without increasing the risk for theft or damage to possessions. In all honesty, you’ll never have to change the lock again, saving you valuable time and money.

With our access control system, you are able to easily identify what is happening in your office. If there’s a room you don’t want employees gaining access to, the fob will deny them entry, meaning that information can remain secure and confidential if need be. It simply provides you with that flexibility over user’s access rights.

Once an access control system in installed, all doors controlled by the system will automatically lock when it is closed, meaning that anyone without a pin or fob is unable to enter. The days when you may have forgotten to alarm the office or lock the door to the store cupboard are long gone. If you feel it is necessary, there is also the option to set the door to unlock over a designated time frame.

At Integra, we offer two systems: the standalone access control and the pc based access control. You may find that one system is more suited to your needs over the other. The standalone access control can be used to regulate entry to one or many doors in a building. They are ideal for smaller sites with a relatively small number of users, or gyms where members are only authorised access. Depending on the type of reader fitted, either a numeric code, pin with a keypad or magnetic key fob is required to receive entry.

Whereas a PC based access control system can control one or many doors in a building, simply by using a computer to send commands. A real benefit of this system is that you are able to either grant or deny employees permission to access certain parts of the building. Similarly to the standalone access control system, you should be in possession of a magnetic key fob, a numeric code or pin. These systems are great for medium to large sites as they make managing a large number of doors and users easy.

Whether you feel a standalone or PC based access control system is for you, do not hesitate to get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.