It has been reported that growing companies are encountering problems with their networks as their business expands. Connections grow as a company does; different layers are added creating additional complications to their network, which in turn increases difficulty when it comes to troubleshooting. Internet outages are common but when the root cause is a subtle problem, identifying and resolving it quickly becomes tricky.

It is important, especially in larger businesses, that networks are kept as uncomplicated as possible, it ensures that downtime is kept to an absolute minimum and that problems can be recognised and resolved quickly.

Don’t get complacent when your network is running efficiently. Testing and monitoring them consistently will mean threats don’t go unnoticed and you won’t need to retort in a panic if the worst does happen. Having an incident response plan incase of downtime is also useful, along with documenting the most recent configuration of your network.

To build and maintain a top online network without outsourcing for IT support can be a drain on employee’s time, not to mention they may not have the appropriate skill or knowledge to deal with certain networking problems. That’s where Integra come in, we are specialists that can help you address your important network needs, because after all, without an efficient system in place your business cannot thrive.

Whether you are an office of 5 or 500, we can help with your internal network set-up. Our IT support is second to none, we ensure your grid is set up correctly to avoid problems in the future and continued support is available for any issues that may arise.

We are able to monitor your whole system and keep it running smoothly from the day we set it up. We give our client’s piece of mind that their system at work is being watched over by IT professionals with years of experience.

At Integra, we are committed to making sure that our clients can run their business efficiently without worrying about downtime or problems with their networks. Our fully qualified and experienced IT specialists are here to help, and know how to set up wireless networks to telephones, so get in touch today!