Super fast, pure fibre broadband for stability and reliability

If your business relies on multi-site connectivity or has heavy data requirements, our Ethernet network is just what you need.

Interconnecting with a range of providers, including BT, Vodafone, TalkTalk Business and Virgin, our Ethernet circuits can be used by a wide range of customers without costing the earth.

What is Ethernet?

Ethernet offers high-speed Internet connections via fibre optic circuits. Unlike copper wire, there is no loss of speed between the exchange and the customer, meaning Ethernet is both fast and reliable.

Ethernet is a popular choice for many businesses, because:

  • It provides guaranteed bandwidth availability
  • It provides guaranteed speeds
  • It offers unlimited data usage
  • It ensures 100% uptime

What is Ethernet First Mile (EFM)?

If your business doesn’t have access to fibre optic connectivity, you can still benefit from Ethernet First Mile (EFM). With EFM, your service is delivered over copper circuits comprised of multiple pairs of copper wire.

This means that if one copper pair fails, your service isn’t compromised – making your overall connection much more reliable than normal broadband.

We deliver both EFM4 (comprising four pairs of copper wires and greater bandwidth) and EFM2 (comprising two pairs of copper wires – a cost-effective solution for businesses with lower bandwidth demands).

Do you need lightening fast Broadband with 100% Uptime?


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