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Protecting Against Fraud


No one likes to be a victim of fraud. We certainly don’t want to be seen to profit from fraud, and hence we have developed tools like this. There are however limitations to this, one of which is how quick we receive data to process in order to alert you. Generally our carriers send us fraud files (non-billable data, but a view of call traffic) every 4 hours. As such, if fraud takes place between 1 or more fraud file updates a substantial charge, beyond your limits, can be achieved. Whilst unfortunate, it’s the best that we can offer with the data feeds available to us.

Whilst we make every effort to ensure that our systems are alive and kicking at all hours, we do not offer any warranty or guarantee that this service will protect you from fraud. However, you stand the best chance or not becoming a victim by using this facility, so be sure to enable this on every line.

Reporting Fraud

ICUK shall not be held responsible for any charges or liabilities incurred. In the event that the traffic is deemed to be fraudulent we encourage you to report the incident via

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