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The IVR menu’s guide your callers through to different choices. For example, “for support press 1” “for accounts press 2”. This can be set up so when customers call and select an option they can be put through to the right person to deal with their query.

A message will need to be recorded for your IVR which will need to be in the form of a. WAV file. Our support team can assist you with this.

To set up your IVR you will need to login to your MyIntegra and navigate your way to Hosted VoIP >Manage >Features >Call Routing >IVRs.

You will then need to create an IVR. in order to do this simply click the New button and then give your IVR a name. Once you have chosen a name for your IVR you will then need to press the Edit button.

Within your new IVR, you should see all the different options you are able to select. Let’s say you have 3 departments, sales, accounts and support. So for all your options, you could have different hunt groups for each department, so when a customer presses “option 1” then it goes through to the support team.

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