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Hunt Groups

A hunt group is for calling more than one extension. Within a hunt group, you can have different levels, for example, your business could have a receptionist so you could add the receptionist into level 1, then you can have all other staff at level 2 so if reception does not answer the call then another member of staff could answer the call as well. However, if know you get very busy during certain times of the day then you could set the next destination to a voicemail, so you don’t miss any important calls from your clients.

To set up a hunt group you will need to locate the hunt groups tab which is located under Hosted VoIP >Manage >Features >Call Routing  >Hunt Groups in your MyIntegra portal. Once in the portal click New, then give your hunt group a name. Then you will need to configure your hunt group, this can be done under the configuration tab. In which you can edit the ring time of the hunt group, music and set destinations for when no one is able to answer the phone which could be a mailbox.

You will also need to set the extensions for the hunt group to ring. This can be done under the destinations tab. Simply select the destination such as an extension or forward to number, then you can input the number or select the extension(s) that you would like to add. Once completed then you just need to click the save button.

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