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Call Queues

Is your business receiving a high volume of calls? If so then a call queue could be the answer. This will ensure that your calls are answered, even if someone is not immediately available.

To set up a call queue you will need to login to the MyIntegra portal then you will need to go to Hosted VoIP >Manage >Features >Call Routing >Call Queues. Then you will need to create a call queue which can be done by pressing the New button. A box will appear on the screen asking you to choose a name for your call queue, this can simply be named Call Queue for the time being.

Once the call queue has been created it then needs to be configured. For example, you will need to select which extension(s) you would like to ring when a call comes into the queue. This can be done under the destinations tab, simply go to the destinations tab and add a new destination of Extension, then select the extension(s) you would like to ring then press Save.

Each destination can have a Priority set, the Queue will ring the destinations with the highest priority (10) first. You can also change the settings of your Call Queue under the configuration tab. You can change the way the Queue works to best suit your needs, such as playing the position to the caller. If you would like this setting enabled then just change the “Play-Caller Position” from No to Yes.

When you are satisfied with the changes that have been made, then just save your changes by pressing the Save button


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