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Transferring a .uk Domain

Transferring a .uk domain, such as a, can be very simple. These types of domain names are governed by a company called Nominet ( and they have over 300 registrars, such as ICUK, who can sell and administer these domains. The registrar is shown within the whois of the domain with a corresponding Tag (sometimes referred to as the IPS Tag).

To move from one tag holder to another, the losing tag holder must change the associated tag to the new company. For example if you wanted to move your domain from XYZ Domains Limited (Tag: XYZ) to ICUK you would simply contact XYZ Domains Limited and ask them to change the IPS Tag to our Tag which is simply ICUK. Some providers will supply you with a control panel allowing you to complete this yourself in a fully automated manner, but not all will. There should be no charges applied for making this change for you. Once submitted the tag change should be instant.


Before you embark on transferring .uk domains by changing the tag it is imperative that you add the domain name to our control panels IN ADVANCE. By doing so, when the Tag changes, our systems will know who owns that domain name. Our systems will ensure the correct renewal status is applied including the renewal date.

Once the tag has changed you will receive an email from us confirming that the domain has moved. It is your responsibility to ensure that the name servers are updated. Unless you changed them prior to changing the tag, the name servers will remain as they were.

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