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The webmail facility provides a browser-based interface for you to send and receive email from a mailbox on our servers, ideal for keeping in touch when you are away from your regular email client. It is not designed to be used as a replacement to a mail client.


We offer two versions of webmail, please try both and see what you prefer.

You will be prompted for the username and password of the mailbox you wish to access. The username can be entered in the format as shown in the control panel, or the full email address. Enter these details and click the ‘Login’ button. Be sure to use the ‘Log Out’ link from the navigation menu to end your webmail session.

POP3 EMAIL STORAGE NOTE: Please be aware that as part of our system maintenance, designed to ensure continuous provision of high quality service, messages more than three months old are removed from your mailbox. If you need to keep messages for a longer period of time you must download them to your system using a POP3 mail client. Alternatively switch to IMAP where the mail will continue to be stored on our servers.

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