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Spam Filtering – Standard

Spam + Virus Filtering operates on our powerful mail servers to provide the ultimate protection against email-borne viri and unsolicited email, commonly referred to as spam. Spam Filtering can be fully configured to your own unique preferences, allowing full automation and real-time control over what you choose to allow into your mailbox, in turn increasing productivity and decreasing time wasted on filtering unwanted junk mail.


Web Hosting > Hosting Accounts > Manage Hosting Account >Spam Filtering

The setup procedure for the internal spam filter is very straight forward and completed through the control panel. Once installed on a hosting account all mailboxes and associated domain names will be filtered for spam.

It is important to note that once the Spam Filtering facility has been set through the control panel, it may take up to 1 hour for spam to be routed through the filtering service. This is due to an MX record change and is subject to normal propagation rules.

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