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POP3 Mailboxes

POP3 (Post Office Protocol) is the most common way for accessing your email on a mail client. Mail is sent to our servers and resides in a mailbox until it is collected using the POP protocol and stored locally on your machine. Most mail clients will delete the mail from our servers once downloaded locally although it is possible to specify a copy remains on our server. This can be useful if multiple machines need access to a copy of the same message.

Incoming Server
Incoming Port Number 110
Alternative Incoming Port Number 6110

Create POP Mailbox

Web Hosting > Hosting Accounts > Manage > Hosting Account > Mailboxes > Add Mailbox

To create a POP3 mailbox simply edit the associated hosting account, click on the POP3 mailbox icon and click on the text link to add a mailbox. You will be asked to pick a username, which is what forms your email address. For example, if you wanted the address [email protected] then you simply put the username as ‘info’. The password you select is what you enter into your mail client or webmail to connect to this mailbox.

Once a mailbox has been created you will be taken back to the mailbox list. You’ll notice that the username takes the form of [email protected] which is what you need to enter into your mail client or webmail.

Change Password

Web Hosting > Hosting Accounts > Manage Hosting Account > Mailboxes > Edit

When changing the password for a mailbox please be sure to make this as secure as possible. Although we don’t make it mandatory to enter a set number of characters and letters it is advisable to use a minimum of 8 characters for greater security.

Upgrade to IMAP

Web Hosting > Hosting Accounts > Manage Hosting Account > Mailboxes > Edit

The upgrade facility allows you to change the POP3 mailbox into an IMAP mailbox without changing your user credentials or losing email. Please refer to the IMAP help files for more information on this.

Delete POP Mailbox

Web Hosting > Hosting Accounts > Manage Hosting Account > Mailboxes > Delete

To delete a mailbox edit the hosting account, and click on the POP3 Mailboxes icon. Click on the delete option beside the mailbox in question.

POP3 Mail Storage Rules

We operate with strict rules on our mail servers designed to avoid a build-up of mail and ensure that our mail platform remains fast and reliable:

  1. Read messages, regardless of whether they are housed in multiple folders on Webmail, will be removed automatically from our servers after 30 days.
  2. Unread messages are removed after 90 days.

Should you need to continually store messages on our servers for longer then we recommend you consider our IMAP solutions where these rules do not apply. Alternatively ke,ep local backups on your own machine.

Connecting securely.

To connect securely to our mail servers with data encrypted, simply enable TLS / STARTTLS on your mail client. No port changes are required by your mail client for this facility to function.

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