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IMAP Mailboxes

IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) is an extremely powerful way of interacting with your email without the need to store emails locally. Instead all messages are held on our mail platform and can reached using a mail client or webmail. The advantage over regular POP3 is that it will always look the same however you connect to it: messages will retain their status on the server, including their read status, flagging or whether they’ve been replied to. This is ideal for people that use mail from multiple locations.

Incoming Server
Incoming Port Number 143
Alternative Port Number 1143

Disk Space Allocation

Currently we provide IMAP mailboxes with a 100MB, 1GB, 2GB, 5GB and 10GB limit options which should be more than enough for several thousand emails.

Upgrade POP3 to IMAP

Web Hosting > Hosting Accounts > Manage Hosting Account > Mailboxes > Edit

If you have an existing POP3 mailbox you will find an ‘upgrade’ link beside the mailbox within the control panel. This switches the mailbox to IMAP without changing the user credentials or losing stored mail. A 14 day free trial is available by default.

Downgrade to POP3

Web Hosting > Hosting Accounts > Manage Hosting Account > Mailboxes > Edit

In a similar way to upgrading, you can downgrade a box to POP3 at any time. The credentials remain the same, and the mail remains intact. Bewarned though that POP3 doesn’t allow you to store the mail indefinitely on our servers. We have set rules which will remove messages after a certain period.

Create a New IMAP Mailbox

Web Hosting > Hosting Accounts > Manage Hosting Account > Mailboxes

To create a mailbox from scratch edit the associated hosting account and then click on the IMAP icon shown.

How Do I Connect?

Once the IMAP mailbox has been created within our system, you simply need to create a new account within your mail client. Instead of selecting a POP3 mailbox, you would set it up as IMAP. The usernames, passwords, and incoming / outgoing mail addresses are the same as what you would have used for POP3. It is important to note that the incoming mail port changes from 110 to 143, but your mail client should automatically set this for you.

Connecting securely.

To connect securely to our mail servers with data encrypted, simply enable STARTTLS on your mail client. No port changes are required by your mail client for this facility to function.

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