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Catch All

IMPORTANT: Catchall accounts are normally the number one source for large amounts of spam being received. They allow spammers to send to [email protected] your domain in a random fashion. We highly recommend that you don’t use a catch all facility unless absolutely necessary. Instead, why not create multiple POP3 mailboxes or individual forwarders. This will reduce the burden of spam considerably.

If a mail arrives to a domain name mapped to an account that does not have a specific mail forwarders, group address or mailbox assigned to the recipient, it will be handled by the configuration set on the ‘Catch All’ setting.

Catchall Settings

Web Hosting > Hosting Accounts > Manage Hosting Account >Catchall

To change the routing of catch all mail, make any required changes edit the hosting account and click on the ‘Catch All’ icon. Any changes made to the catchall configuration will take immediate effect.

Send To Mailbox

With this option selected, default mail will be sent to the mailbox on our server which you choose from the drop down list. You must first create a mailbox before you can route your default mail to it. If no POP3 Mailboxes are listed it is because none are created on the system.

Send To Address

With this option selected, catch all mail will be sent to the address you enter in the text box. This option should only be used for external addresses at another ISP or another email address on the hosting platform. Our recommendation is to set the Catch All setting to a POP3 mailbox on our system for the most efficient resource and to avoid any potential issues with mis routed email.

Bounce Mail

With this option selected, catch all mail will be returned to the sender with a message attached explaining that the mailbox does not exist on the local mail system.

Delete Mail

The mail is accepted by our system and immediately deleted. This prevents a bounce being generated.

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