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Trace Route (Windows)

Trace routes can be a great way of diagnosing a routing issue. It shows the route the traffic takes to reach a destination and the time taken between each hop. If the trace should stop en-route then it is often helpful for support personnel to see the last hop that it stopped at. Alternatively it may help confirm that routing is working normally and the fault lay elsewhere, or highlight where traffic is slowing down on the path taken.

1. Click on the Start button.
2. Click on Run.
3. In the field type CMD and press on the OK button.
4. You will be presented with a black Command Prompt box.
5. On the black screen type:


As an alternative you can choose to run a trace route to an IP address by typing it as:


6. Press the RETURN button on your keyboard which will start the process running.

7. The command prompt screen will now should you the route the traffic takes to reach the end
destination. Once finished it will state trace complete.

8. To copy the results right mouse click on the black screen and click on the option to select all. Press
the return key. This will copy the results to your local clip board.

9. To paste the results go to the screen you would like to enter them, right mouse click and select paste.
The results will be copied in text format into the email or document.

More About Trace Routes

To learn more about trace routes please visit

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