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No Sync

Basic Checks

No sync faults are hideous situations, especially if the customer hasn’t invested in backup broadband connections. They want the service back as quickly as possible. Fact finding and ruling out equipment and line issues quickly is key to a quick resolution.

Common problems that cause a lack of sync:

  • Fault at the exchange
  • Line not working for voice (raise to line provider as voice affecting)
  • Faulty router
  • Faulty filter
  • Faulty cable to the router

To act quickly we need decisive answers, some of which customers can do themselves very quickly.

  1. Check the phone line
    If the phone line is dead, then broadband won’t stand a chance of operating correctly. If the phone line is dead then raise
    this as a voice affecting issue to the line provider putting the emphasis on the fact that the line is dead and that you can’t
    make calls.
  2. Try another router
    The other lights may well be lit up on the router, and yes, the router may have all its settings in place, so on first glance it’s
    operational. Try another router to ensure that this isn’t hardware related. A new router costing £30 is a lot cheaper than a
    £180+VAT visit from an engineer to confirm that your router is at fault.
    To check for sync you needn’t set up another router with your login credentials. As such simply connecting another router,
    even if it is configured for another ISP, should be able to confirm the presence of sync. Allow 2-3 minutes for sync to
  3. Replace the filter and cables
    Completed as a precaution to ensure that the fault isn’t a simple case of the signal not getting to the router. Remember that
    everything beyond the master phone socket is your responsibility, so ensuring that we have demonstrated that this isn’t the
    fault is a sure way of avoiding any potential visit charges.
  4. KBD Diagnostics Tests
    Please edit the broadband connection in your control panel and complete an intrsuive KBD diagnostic test on the connection.
    This should also confirm that sync isn’t present in the results, and highlight any potential faults. If it is failing to find a fault
    then this puts additional pressure on the replacement of equipment and line rental tests. You can use the KBD tool to raise
    the fault to us using the big button which presents itself in the results page. You can then answer structured questions in
    order to escalate this issue to our support desk.

No Sync Fault Check List

  1. Have I confirmed that sync isn’t present by logging into the router and observing no upstream /
    downstream speed?
  2. Have I checked the phone line and confirm that dial tone is present?
  3. When I dialled 17070 and selected option 2, I can confirm that the phone line was… (eg nice and
    quiet, crackly, silent etc)
  4. The make and model of the router connected to the line is:
  5. The following replacement routers have been tried on the line and also exhibit no sync:
  6. All non-DSL equipment has been removed from the line and replacement filters and phone cables
    to the router have been tried.
  7. I have made sure that there is no electrical interference possible. I can confirm no electrical cables
    are near the phone socket or cables to the router.
  8. The fault started from this time and date (eg we have observed issues since 10/02/2014 14:00):
  9. Complete KBD diagnostics in the control panel:
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