Managing E999 Data

Follow this guide to set up your emergency caller ID location.

  • Log into MyIntegra HERE

  • Once logged in, click on the VoIP icon either on the left or in the middle of the screen.

  • Select your account by clicking on the pencil icon on the right hand side.

  • Now you are in your VoIP account, from here, click on Devices & Numbers and then E999 Data.

  • Fill out your address info and select which number you need it assigned to and then click Save.

  • Once the location is set, you need to allocate the number to the extension. This can be done by clicking Devices & Numbers then Extensions, from here, click the pencil icon on the required extensions.

  • Once you are in an extension, click on Caller ID and from here, you will see EMERGENCY Caller ID Location as a drop down where you can select the number you just assigned the address to. Click Save, repeat for any other extensions and you are done!