How to add Emergency 999 Data

Making sure that you have your Emergency 999 (E999) data up to date for your account is VERY important as it gives the emergency services your location in the event you have to call them. It’s vital that this information is added and is correct as it is a legal requirement.


E999 data works by assigning an address to a telephone number. This is then used on Extensions as the Emergency Caller ID Location so if you call the emergency services, they have an address on file of where you are calling from.

Note: This is NOT linked to the External Caller ID of Extensions.

For example, if you have 1 Telephone Number but have Extensions situated in different physical locations, you will require an additional telephone number to put your second address on.

You’ll then have to allocate each extension to the correct Telephone Number based on its physical address location.

If you have multiple numbers, but Extensions only at a single physical address, you would only be required to use one Telephone Number as the Emergency Caller ID Location on your Extensions.

  1. Log in to MyIntegra

    You will first need to log into MyIntegra using the credentials you received via email or have saved. Should you need to reset your password, please follow the forgot password link. You can find the login for MyIntegra by clicking HERE.

  2. Navigate to E999 Data

    Follow Hosted VoIP > (Choose the VoIP account if you have more than one) > Devices & Numbers > E999 Data.

  3. Enter all the address information

    Please add the correct information in the form and select the numbers you have on the right side. Once done, press save. E999 Data

  4. Navigate to extensions

    Click Devices& Numbers > Extensions and select an extension by clicking the pencil Pencil Image from My Integra icon to the right.

  5. Add the number

    You will now need to navigate to the Caller ID tab and then select the number in the drop-down list. once you have done that, press Save and then you are done.
    E999 Data Extension