Openreach Appointment Times

For new provisions, order amendments, modify orders (conversion or change of address) and faults, we have an extended range of appointments to pick from. These allow you to select a more specific window for the engineer to attend. Additional charges apply for these options, which will be made clear and require your acceptance at point of order.

Feature Time Slot
Early Morning Flexible Appointment 7am – 8am – Monday to Friday
Evening Flexible Appointment 6pm – 9pm – Monday to Friday
Saturday Flexible Appointment 8am – 6pm – Saturdays (AM and PM)
More Focused Appointment Late Morning
Lower cost for Business PSTN
10am – 12am – Monday to Friday
Excludes Public and Bank Holidays
More Focused Appointment Early Afternoon
Lower cost for Business PSTN
2pm – 4pm – Monday to Friday
Excludes Public and Bank Holidays (MFAEA)

If an engineer fails to attend within a flexible or focused appointment slot you may be subject to compensation on your next bill, and the appointment won’t be chargeable. As with a standard appointment, if the customer fails to grant access, then an abortive visit charge will apply in addition to the appointment charge.