UC Plus Installation and Configuration

please note: the most frequent issues during install are:

  • using a forward-slash instead of a back-slash in the server field (step 2)
  • leaving white spaces in the username or password fields
  • choosing the wrong licence type (step 3) – make sure you select the licence type you purchased from sales
  • entering the word prefix in the Server: field where it should be the customer’s actual extension prefix (first 5 digits).

1) Download & Install the Software

Go to:  integratelecom.co.uk/plus

Download Client for PC or MAC and install.

Once running, in the system tray, right-click the grey square icon for UCplus, and select ”Configuration”.

ucplus auth

2) Configuring the software – Authentication

Select the Telephony menu on the left populate the following fields as below:

Server:  uc.sip2sip.net \Prefix

Prefix is the 5-digit prefix of the customer extension

Extension: last 4-digits of your extension

Login: select Specified username/password

Username: Enter username provided

Password: Enter password provided


3) Configuring the software – Licence

Select the Interface Menu on the left.

Select the licence type you requested (Fusion or Express)

Click Save

Now you can use UC+

uc license

Blind/Unattended Transfer

After receiving a call, select TRANSFER on the UCplus app, then type the 4-digit extension you wish to transfer to, and press enter this should simply forward the call directly.

Announced/Attended transfer

After receiving a call, select CONSULT on the UCplus app, then type the 4-digit extension you wish to transfer to and press enter when they pick up, and you confirm they will take the call you need to look at ACTIONS panel the top of the app this shows the call you are currently on- the colleague you are speaking to

– press the right arrow, which will take you back to the original call, then select hang up.

– This will join the original caller and the the consulted extension, while exiting you from the conversation.