How to Plug in a VoIP Phone

To Plug in a VoIP phone, please follow the guid below:

  1. Unpack the phone

    It’s important that you check that you have everything you will need to connect your phone. You will need:
    • Phone
    • Power supply (If needed, you may use PoE)
    • Network cable
    • Handset
    • Curly cord
    • Phone stand

  2. Attach the phone stand

    You will need to attach the phone stand to the back of the phone by inserting it into the correlating holes and slide it to lock it into place.
    The angle at which the phone sits can be adjusted by using the different holes on the back of the phone. Using the holes at the top of the phone will result in the phone laying flatter on the table depending on the phone.

  3. Attach the handset

    A curly cord is needed to attach the phone to the handset. It is important to make sure that the handset is plugged into the port in the back of the phone which has the picture of the handset. If it is plugged into the port with the headset, then audio will not work both ways. It doesn’t matter which way the curly cord is plugged in, however, the end with the longest straight part, fits better at the phone end.

  4. Connecting to the network

    Connect your phone using the network (or ethernet) cable to the router, switch or network socket in the wall. The network cable must be plugged into the port that shows this icon: Networking Symbol

  5. Plug in power

    Plug the power supply into the phone and the wall and ensure it has power. Please note, this step is skippable if you are using PoE.

  6. Test it

    Test your phone by making sure it boots up. You can also try making a phone call to ensure a network connection. Should you have any issues, you can email us at [email protected]