System Wide Feature Codes

These are the default Feature Codes that are set up on the Hosted VoIP Platform.

They can be overwritten by creating the same Feature Code in your account if you wish.

Code Name
100 Calls Integra Cloud Solutions Ltd
*1 Access Voicemail (Auto Login)
*2 Voicemail Login
*3 Conference Login
*4 Attendant
*5 Number Menu
*6 Phone Login
*7 Call Park
701-720 Used for Call Parking (Overwriting these will cause issues using *7)
*8 Return
*9 Redial
** Group Pickup
*00 Call Spy
55 Virtual Login
363 DND Toggle
*78 Enable DND
*79 Disabled DND
*1980 DTMF Test
*1981 Echo Test
*1982 Music
*1983 Toggle Availability in Queues
*1984 Record a Sound
** Pickup Another Phone (needs to be in the same pickup group)
*** Direct Pickup (followed by the extension you want to pickup)