Adding Microsoft 365 Emails to iPhone (Mail App)

Please follow the steps below to add your 365 email address to the Mail app on your iPhone.

  1. Navigate the Settings App

    Find the Settings app on your iPhone and navigate to Mail > Accounts > Add Account.

  2. Selecting an Account Type

    Select Microsoft Exchange.
    Adding O365 to iPhone 1

  3. Entering your Email

    Add your email address and give it a description so you can easily identify it within the Mail app. Adding O365 to iPhone 2

  4. Click Sign In

    When the pop-up box shows, click sign in.
    Adding O365 to iPhone 3

  5. Redirected to Microsoft

    You will now be taken to a Microsoft page where you will need to enter your password and press Sign in.
    Adding O365 to iPhone 4

  6. Grant Apple Access

    You will now need to grant permission to add your email account to your phone. Press Accept.
    Adding O365 to iPhone 5

  7. Save the Email Account

    From here you will see that it takes you back to the Settings app and you will see ticks where it has tested your account. It will then take you to another screen where you can choose what to sync with your mailbox and from here, you can press Save.
    Adding O365 to iPhone 6

  8. Check the Mail App

    You can now close the Settings app and go to the Mail app where you will now see your mailbox. Ensure emails are coming in and then you are done! Just note, if you have a lot of emails, this may take some time for them to download. Be patient!Adding O365 to iPhone 7