Yesterday it was revealed that 36,000 homes and businesses in Durham are now benefitting from an ongoing fibre broadband project only in it’s first year. The project entitled, ‘Digital Durham’ was a £25million investment put in to place in order to transform broadband speeds for businesses and residents across County Durham, Gateshead, Sunderland and Tees Valley.

Agreed in April 2013 between eight local authorities, this high speed broadband is expected to reach 94% of premises by the end of 2016. BT’s local network business, Open reach has laid over 200km of optical fibre cable and installed 235 new fibre broadband cabinets in hundreds of streets and as of yesterday, people are already reaping the benefits as the ‘fibre cabinets’ gradually go live. A further 1000 premises each week are expected to have access to fast fibre broadband as the project continues.

Local residents can’t believe the speed at which they are able to upload and download content. Things that used to take an hour to download, now take 10 minutes or so. As for local businesses, the high speeds of their new fibre business broadband helps them keep up with their ever changing industries; tight deadlines can be met with a quicker turnaround than ever before.

Fast fibre broadband isn’t just limited to County Durham. At integra, we offer the same great results seen in this multi million pound project and bring it straight to your business. If you require high-speed access to your servers, have lots of computers operating at once or if you use, download or upload video content regularly, fibre broadband is ideal for you. Our broadband is cost effective and from the moment you place your order, your broadband solution should be with you within 10 working days. Our service is consistent throughout the day even during peak times and if you do experience any problems at all we provide comprehensive UK based support for our customers.

Kick start your New Year with fast fibre broadband for your business and reap the benefits of a more efficient working environment as a result. After all, high speed and reliable business broadband is more of a necessity than a luxury in today’s fast paced industries. Contact a member of our team today if you have any further queries or to find out the estimated download speeds in your area.