There are a number of reasons why IT support is so crucial to the effective running of your business. Without it, you may experience hours of downtime which in turn wastes employee’s time and costs the company money.

There are common reasons as to why business’ come unstuck when it comes to their IT support:


Employees often have to deal with their own problems – Knowing there is no support available when something goes wrong with an employees computer means they are inclined to try and fix the problem themselves. This takes time out of their working day when they could be being more productive, and may actually cause more problems in the long run. Without professional expertise in certain areas of IT, an employee trying to change settings or alter their system could make for a heftier cost when it comes to rectifying the damage caused.


Companies don’t want to spend money on maintenance – Often unaware of the importance of IT support, owners don’t want to part with cash to do a job they feel could be done by their employees if needs be. Some people feel that once a system is installed with the correct security, there is no need for maintenance; the computers will be able to do that themselves. The truth is, leaving a job up to someone who isn’t qualified or should be doing something else with their time isn’t very cost effective for the company. Not only that but computers aren’t capable of addressing every issue that arises, viruses or poor connection to broadband would need to be dealt with by a professional.


Current provider doesn’t supply good IT support – Some people are under the impression that once broadband or a system is installed, IT support comes along with it and often that just isn’t the case. The company will require assistance when things aren’t running smoothly and who better to ensure everything’s in working order than Integra.


Our IT support contracts will give you peace of mind that your whole system is being monitored by experienced IT professionals, whether you have 2 or 500 computers! Especially with larger companies, you can appreciate that without the support of expert’s 500 computers not running effectively is not something your employee’s should have to deal with and it could cause some serious problems.


At Integra, we are strong believers that prevention of a problem is far better than waiting to cure it once its happened. A company’s need for IT support is not something that should be ignored, we are always on hand to help.


Contact us now for a free consultation and find out how we can help improve the running of your current system.