If you’re looking for Analogue CCTV Essex or IP CCTV, then you’ve come to the right place. Here at Integra we can maintain and install all of your security needs.

 Security cameras certainly have their place in the modern world. The UK is a big brother society which houses over 4 million closed circuit TV cameras, that’s more than one camera per 14 people and shockingly, a greater amount of surveillance than China! But as the statistics infer, the benefits of 24 hour monitoring can be huge and in our professional experience our IT support, Essex based, customers have reported immediate changes once they’ve had a CCTV system installed by us. The changes described are:


  • Increased deterrent– once burglars realise that companies are CCTV protected they invariably decide to target somewhere else.
  • Safer business atmosphere– with IP CCTV Essex, your staff will tend to adhere to health and safety policies more closely and fraudulent activity declines.
  • Increased convictions- The prosecution rate for those using security cameras is far higher than those without meaning that will have the evidence you need in the case of a break in.
  • Remote monitoring- Those who choose to install Analogue CCTV Essex with Integra are able to remotely monitor their systems via various devices, meaning that they can keep a closer eye on their company out of office hours.


But what are the differences between analogue and IP CCTV and which one should you choose? Analogue still reigns supreme and dominates up to 90% of the market and this may be because IP solutions are more expensive to install or because it’s been around for a little longer. However, if you need IP CCTV, Essex clients who have already implemented the system list the camera’s benefits as having a higher definition, greater flexibility and simpler installation.

IP based CCTV works by turning images and audio into data that is then conveyed over a network or wireless Internet connection and although the technology has been available for 10 years it is only recently that it has matured to deliver HD. Analogue systems work well in light, but lose their definition and clarity the further away the object being recorded is, however, it is a far better option for those businesses held to a tighter budget.

Regardless of if you chose IP or Analogue CCTV either is superior to having no security system installed on your company’s premises at all! For IT support Essex, please contact our dedicated team at Integra for more information today by clicking here.