If you were to ask yourself the question, “Is my I.T. environment safe?” – would the answer be a definite Yes?

If not, then it is recommended that you should get it checked out to be on the safe side. We always ensure that our maintained customers have the most up to date Anti Virus definitions to keep them safe from nasty threats in cyberspace and run routine scans to keep their systems clean.

A few tips to help prevent you from being a victim of a cyber attack:

  • Ensure you have some Anti Virus protection in place and you run scans manually every week or two.

  • Anti Virus software will sit happily in the background of your computer regularly scanning traffic to and from your PC and will alert you if it thinks there may be something that could cause harm.

  • We often see users that have multiple pieces of software which will not help protect you further, and may in fact cause further issues in the long run due to conflicting between the two pieces of software.

  • Be wary of attachments in emails and links you click on the web.

  • If you receive an email you were not expecting and it contains an attachment you are not 100% sure if sage; don’t open the attachment!

  • Seeing links and banners on the web like “You’re todays lucky winner! or “You’ve won £1 million” are not genuine links and could end up causing you to be infected by malware or even a virus.
  • Use Anti Spyware & Anti Malware software to run regular scans and keep your computer clean of any nasty surprises.

  • These scans can take a matter of minutes if run on regularly and it is highly recommended and worth doing so to make sure your computer stays clean.

  • Keep your software up to date

  • Always ensure you download and install the latest Windows Updates as these usually contain security patches and vulnerabilities.

  • Keep all 3rd party software up to date, as again these can contain security patches which close those vulnerabilities for hackers to gain access to your computer.
  • And of course, always ensure your Anti Virus software is up to date.

If you are unsure of how secure your I.T is; whether it be your personal computer or a business network, don’t hesitate – get in touch today for expert advice.