When eventually making a decision between using an analogue CCTV camera and IP camera to protect your home or business, you’ll have to take a number of factors into consideration. Whether one is more suitable for you, will depend upon your individual security needs, so below I have made a comparison between the two security cameras to help you decide.

Let’s begin with discussing budgets, as this is often a primary concern for anyone looking to install a new security system. If you were to base your decision on the price of each camera alone, then the analogue CCTV camera is for you – it is a lot cheaper. Although where the IP camera is a lot simpler to install, there is a chance you can offset the price of the camera, if you take the installation costs into consideration.

As we all know though, a decision isn’t based entirely on the cost of a product. Another aspect you should consider when deciding what type of camera is more suitable is its lighting. Security cameras are of no use to you if you cannot see the images they are projecting. You’ll find that an analogue camera works very well in various shades of light, where as an IP camera performs much better in well-lit conditions. With this in mind, an analogue camera may be more suitable if you are securing your home, as you wouldn’t want to annoy your neighbours with a bright light surrounding the perimeter of your property now would you?

You should also take the distance each camera covers into consideration. In this particular case, the analogue wins again for your home security, whereas the IP camera is more suitable for your business property. The analogue camera records well in light, but begins to lose clarity the further away the image. Where the IP camera maintains clarity over longer distances, they work well when it comes to protecting larger areas, including a car park.

In terms of clarity, the IP CCTV camera delivers a much sharper image. This is where the differences in technology come into play, and one of the reasons why an IP camera is more expensive. As the analogue camera is older, the amount of megapixel resolution is far less. The analogue camera has 0.4 megapixels whereas the IP camera has as much as 10 megapixel resolutions, increasing the price of the camera as a result.

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