The use of SIP Trunking, Essex and across the UK has been steadily increasing over the last few years. In 2012, the number of businesses using SIP trunking had grown by 25%. This year, a study claimed that 58% of businesses were using SIP trunking, the revenue expected from this increased use is projected to grow by an additional 22.5% in the coming years, but there are still many businesses not reaping the rewards.

So what is SIP, It stands for Session Initiative Protocol and uses a voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) to assist the connection of a PBX. The Internet replaces a traditional telephone trunk and allows a business to communicate with fixed and mobile telephone subscribers across the globe. SIP helps VoIP providers to create, change and cancel communication sessions that consist of one or more media outlets.

The reason it is proving so popular is due to how easy it makes the working environment. One of the biggest advantages of SIP Trunking is its ability to combine data, voice and video in a single line. The result is reduced overall cost and enhanced reliability, with many companies making the switch only to find that they are saving up to 50% of the cost of using traditional systems.

Integra offers this reliable yet cheaper alternative. Our SIP trunks are compatible with most traditional systems including Avaya, LG, Samsung and more.

With us, an SIP Trunk connects an IP PBX / Telephone System to the public telephone network giving you many more features and also helping your business move with the times, it can be done in no time at all!

Your company can then benefit from free site to site phone calls, reduced line rental charges, flexible and cheaper call costs as well as a Web Based Portal included for configuration changes.

Our technicians have had 20 years of experience in Voice, Data and Telecommunication solutions; businesses big and small trust Integra for their office needs. Our focus is transparent customer service, so contact a member of our team today for further information on all our services and find out how we can help you.