A study has revealed that 75 per cent of homes in the UK are not receiving the broadband speeds they are paying for or that are promoted in adverts and this raw deal is filtering through to businesses big and small nationwide. Integra believe broadband for business is essential to reach the full productivity of a company.

Ofcom rules state that; providers must be able to prove 10 per cent of their customers can receive their advertised top speed before they are allowed to advertise the fact they can provide that level of service. However, a report claimed that suppliers are not adhering to the rules. Shocking figures of only four per cent of customers given access to speeds of just 17Mbps.

Despite Ofcom starting to crack down on providers that are not sticking to their word, the problem still exists and it can be a confusing and frustrating time, especially when trying to find the best deal for your business needs. It seems unfair to pay for a high-speed service that you aren’t receiving.

Nowadays, It has been made easier for customers to switch provider should they want to. Internet users have the right to compare business broadband providers against each other to gain all the relevant information they need to make the right choice for their broadband for business. With so many websites offering this service, Internet providers will hopefully start being more consistent with the speeds they are promising.

At Integra, our internet company Essex, we make sure that our customers get the fastest possible speeds at the most affordable prices. This is because we use the fastest available technology. Fibre broadband is a Cost effective alternative that sits between standard ADSL and Direct Internet Access solutions. Within 10 working days from placing an order with us, your broadband for business will be provisioned. You can then enjoy network availability averaging of 99.99% even during peak times. With UK based support and the largest network reach of any provider, you can be assured you and your business will notice the difference we offer.

Contact us today to find out the estimated download speed in your area and see how you can benefit from super fast fibre broadband Essex with Integra.