External and internal threats on a companies network are a huge risk to any business; at Integra our internet company essex, we take this very seriously.

An article in the New York Times revealed that whilst Hilary Clinton was US Secretary of State she had preferred to use her personal email address instead of her official government account. This created panic when it became apparent that hundreds of her emails containing private and important government information between the years of 2009 and 2013 were not protected nor could they be saved or searched by the State Department.

Studies have shown that 60% of businesses vital information is stored in emails, many of which are created and kept on personal devices. It is down to each individual company to manage emails and accounts to ensure that personal accounts aren’t used for sensitive and work related activities. However, the unfortunate reality is that very few think to protect emails, despite their importance and frequent use in the workplace.

From a legal perspective, most emails in a corporation (depending on policy) have to be retained for a statutory period of time. The data must be organised, consistent and properly archived should you need proof of any activity over the past few years. As employees use new devices or share data in new ways, companies should stay on top of this progress and expansion; otherwise important data could be left insecure and inaccessible.

Often, businesses aren’t aware their information management strategy is ineffective until something goes wrong. The best way to monitor and keep your data is by using a storehouse. Whether it’s archived or backed up, this kind of information management strategy enables you to remain in control of the processes and data going on in your company.

Without these strategies in place, the cost and risk involved in rectifying loss of data is substantial. Don’t wait for the worst to happen, especially when these situations can be easily prevented. As data security experts, at Integra we know that email archiving is an essential requirement for every organisation. With us, it’s more than just email storage for the sake of record keeping and compliance. Our email archiving service offers you much more by cutting out costs and complexity whilst still keeping your information secure. Get in touch with a member of our team today to discuss your company’s individual needs.