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Integra has teamed up with ShopTill-e to be able to offer you an excellent all in one system that provides both in-store ePOS/Till and Online eCommerce functionality, all from one system. This saves you both time and money and makes things very easy for you, as you only need to add your products once and there’s no duplication. You manage all your products, inventory, stock, customers, orders and shipping, etc within the central hub and it seamlessly synchronises allowing you to sell everywhere.

It’s the one we use in our workplace for both our ePOS and eCommerce, having moved away from other ePOS providers.

Take away the headache of using multiple systems when running a retail shop and online store

ShopTill-e makes multi-channel retailing easy

You choose where to sell – in-store, online, or multi-channel. With ShopTill-e you can…

Sell Instore and Face to Face

Manage your in-store and face-to-face sales with the ShopTill-e ePOS system

Know your stock with comprehensive inventory management

The clever offline mode means you never lose a sale

Understand your best sellers, profit margins, and more with insightful reports

Sell Online

Sell online with the ShopTill-e e-Commerce platform

No design skills needed, choose from a range of beautiful, pre-designed, responsive, shop fronts

Customise with your brand, logo, colours, font, and content

Set up your payment provider and start taking payments today

Sell on Internet Marketplaces

Sell on eBay, Amazon, Etsy, and more with the ShopTill-e Marketplace integration

No duplication is needed, only add your products to ShopTill-e once

Easily list, sell and manage your chosen products on any marketplace

Your products and stock are automatically synchronised in real-time across all your sales channels

Overview of the ShopTill-e selling platform

‘ShopTill-e’ is an ‘all-in-one’ system – it includes :-

  • ShopTill-e eCommerce – An online shop builder with full ecommerce functionality so you can sell online – see below for further information
  • ShopTill-e ePOS – A ePOS (point of sale) system so you can sell in-store or on the go – see below for further information
  • Option to integrate with Internet Marketplaces so you can sell on Amazon, eBay etc etc
  • An easy to use admin system / central hub where you manage everything; inventory, products, customers, promotions, add/remove/delete products and categories, manage stock, suppliers, purchase orders and provides order and customer management, shipment management as well as returns/exchanges management.
  • Dashboard and reporting
  • Hosted System – this means as new functionality is developed and added to ShopTill-e you automatically get access to this meaning you are always upgraded and are future proofed
  • Access to ALL the features – with many platforms you need to upgrade certain plans to access certain features, however another amazing feature of ShopTill-e is that you get access to ALL the features from day one.

ShopTill-e provides you with everything you need to sell online and in-store; it gives you full control over your products, your customers/orders/gift vouchers/discounts/promotions and so much more.

It’s a cloud system which means you can access your account and reports from anywhere; home, office, shop etc (as long as you have an internet connection) so you can keep an eye on your business where ever and whenever you want.

At Integra, we would be able to quote you for everything that is needed to run ShopTill-e, or you could just add a receipt printer and till to a computer you have to get you going, add that to our monthly support package you can opt for, meaning that we can look after all aspects of your shop requirements.

To know more information or to sign up for a demo account please call us on 0800 755 5678, or email [email protected]

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