Is your business looking to make cheaper phone calls with a more reliable service? With SIP trunking you can save thousands of pounds! But what exactly is SIP trunking? To understand this term, you may need to understand the term ‘SIP’ first, it stands for ‘Session Initiation Protocol’ and is the technology used for creating a voice communication session over the internet. So now you have a better idea of what SIP means, SIP trunking provides the same service as a traditional analogue phone line, the only difference is is that a virtual phone line is used as opposed to a physical wire.

Below I have devised a list of reasons why you shouldn’t wait any longer to begin using SIP trunking:

With everything taken into consideration, your business could save up to 60%. Firstly, factor in the amount of money you will be saving from not having to pay a monthly fee towards your service provider. Not to mention that you will also be able to enjoy making cheaper long distance phone calls as any call becomes a local call. This means that each employee can have their very own line and there is no need to pay for separate voice and data lines. When you start to think about the amount of money you’ll save, SIP trunking begins to feel like a very attractive proposition.

As well as saving your pounds, SIP trunking also improves your scalability. It gives you that freedom to expand and grow as a business. Whereas in the past you would have been required to purchase additional phone lines from the phone company, with SIP trunking the necessary infrastructure is already in place, proving a far cheaper and less time-consuming alternative.

When an employee is on the road or working remotely, their calls are automatically routed to their mobile phone. This is the case with SIP trunking – you’ll never need to miss a call again. If a line is busy or your office is closed for the day, phone calls can be diverted to a mobile device, meaning you’ll never lose another customer.

To put it simply SIP trunking is a far more cost effective and reliable option, helping you to move with the times. At Integra, we have over 2 decades worth of experience when it comes to assisting you with your Voice, Data and Security installations. If you would like further information on SIP trunking or what we have to offer, get in touch with us today.