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Why is Music on Hold important?

Music on Hold, or MoH for short, is quickly becoming a standard service for small and medium businesses that want to project a professional image. Naturally, a business wants to maximise the possibility of a sale with every call they receive and MoH helps to prime your callers, inform them and keep them engaged until a member of staff can answer the phone.

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Did you know that 90% of callers will hang up if confronted with silence?

In the modern marketplace, no matter what your business specialises in, callers expect a professional sounding greeting and a quick answer. However, businesses can’t always answer phones as soon as they ring and, you only get one chance to make a first impression! So, how can businesses capitalise on those slight delays that to some callers, may end up putting them off a purchase?

That’s where MoH comes in. With the ability to create custom messages, businesses can take advantage of that minute or two by letting callers know about their services, frequently asked questions or even upsell their premium or add-on products.

What’s more, because callers are distracted by the information, many don’t realise how much time has lapsed; helping to improve customer service scores and ensure conversations start off on the right foot, as callers are less frustrated by being left on-hold.

88% of callers prefer on-hold productions to other alternatives.

We can’t all have the deep tones of Barry White, or the confidence to record our own voices; that’s why we have a network of professional voiceover artists that will record your messages to a high-quality, professional standard. Whether your business requires male or female, friendly or corporate, regional or RP accents, we have them all, so you’re bound to find a voice that matches your business perfectly.

Music on Hold enables businesses to give the impression of a large operation while still remaining friendly and personable, with engaging messaging that benefits the caller’s experience instead of tarnishing it. Most importantly, MoH increases revenue when used as an upselling strategy.

20% of callers that hear MoH will make a purchasing decision based on the information they hear.

Managing your messaging is super simple with our web-portal, where you can upload any new messages that you want to include and select from our broad range of voices and backing tracks. We’ll look after the rest and get your message recorded. Once complete, we’ll upload it to the web-portal, ready for you to select! It fits right into existing PBX equipment; most have a headphone jack or screw terminal that is labelled ‘MOH’. Even if you don’t have the right equipment, we have adapters or can point you in the right direction in the unlikely event you need new hardware.

Whether you’re looking for a warm, friendly welcome, an informative message about the history of your business or simply to let them know about your amazing products, we can help put the perfect Music on Hold solution for your callers. The process couldn’t be easier, just get in touch, using the contact form above, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

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