Call Queues

What is a Call Queue?

Call Queues are a simple yet effective way of handling your incoming callers and essentially “stacking” them while they are waiting to be answered.

It’ll allow you to keep your callers waiting in a queue until a destination (telephone extension for example) is available to answer that call.

Using a feature such as Call Queues ensures that your customers aren’t getting a busy or engaged tone when you are already on the phone, as well as giving a professional image for your business. Especially helpful during high call volumes.

There are many features within a Call Queue, such as Music on Hold, announcements messages & positions to keep your customer engaged in the call while you can promote your products & services to them.

Our call queues are extremely easy to set up, and can be managed via our online control panel.

What is the cost?

It costs £2.00 per month per Call Queue and can be provisioned immediately via your control panel.

Add Call Queues

How do I set it up?

You can add Call Queues in your control panel under Hosted VoIP > Manage > Features > Call Queues > New

Once created, you can configure your settings and add your destinations (telephone extensions or forward to a number).

After this, go to your Telephone Numbers or Feature Codes and point either to your new Call Queue.

Once created, Call Queues contain specific settings for the way they will ring destinations. Click the Edit button next to any call queue to update its configuration.

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