Cloud Telephony

Our Hosted VoIP (Cloud Telephony) is 100% cloud-based, meaning it can work from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

If you are already running on our VoIP platform, you can simply take your normal desk phone home and plug it into your router/home network.

Your phone will work exactly as it would in its normal location, and each person in the office can do the same, so you can continue running your business as normal without being in the office.

Transferring, making, and receiving calls all work in exactly the same way.


Power: You may find that your phone does not have its own PSU (Power Supply Unit) meaning you cannot get it powered when you are at home, this is normally the case when PoE (Power over Ethernet) network switches have been used, and the power is provided by the network cable from your office’s network. In this instance, you’ll simply need a PSU for your phone which we can provide you with – contact our team for more information and to arrange this.

Network Configuration: There may be cases where your phone is not set up to obtain an IP Address automatically from the network, meaning it may only work on the network it was originally connected to (your office for example) – this is not a problem, and the static IP Address from the individual phones will need to be removed. This is something that our team can assist with, so please get in touch if you do require additional help.

I.T. / Remote Desktop

Remote Desktop

If users have their own computers in the office, we can set up a direct connection from a home computer or laptop into their office PC.

This allows each user to work as they normally would in the office, with access to everything they normally have. From documents (whether locally or stored on a server) to the office internet connection (for cases where you have certain services locked down to a Public IP Address).

You simply log into the office PC using Remote Desktop, and it’ll be as if you’re sitting right in front of your PC.


A VPN can be used to connect you into the office for cases where you normally work from a laptop (for example) and just need to access data stored on your server – a VPN will run either from your server or from your router.

Once you are connected to the VPN, it connects your computer or laptop to the internal network so you are able to access the server (and/or other computers) as if you are sitting in the office.

This option also works for any third-party software you have that may run on your server (Sage for example) but this is also dependant on the software itself. There a very few cases where the software vendor does not allow/support this.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and get set up what you need.

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