Why should your company use hosted email archiving? The primary reason businesses choose to, is because it can alleviate a huge headache fort their IT departments. If you need email hosting, Essex based, then Integra are here to help you.

Correspondence is extremely vital. Whether it’s via the computer, landline or text- we all need to keep in touch to maintain a successful business or free-flowing household. Statistics from 2010, show that the number of emails sent worldwide per day sat at staggering 294 billion. This means that 2.8 million messages were sent every single second- although 90% of these were predicted to have been spam or viruses. These are mammoth quantities, and so you can see why hosted email archiving is often called upon to assist in keeping the order.

By using Integra for IT department hire we can implement archiving applications that will address any of your businesses problems by porting all emails to a separate origin where messages will be indexed and are searchable- this proves to be incredibly helpful for when sticking to compliance guidelines.

Hosted email archiving can also include practices to reduce the amount of data stored. For example, if there are multiple messages containing the same attachment, we at Integra can shave down any unneeded multiples for more efficient stowing.

Integra handle lots of email hosting Essex, as undertaking these chores in-house can be a technical, time consuming and a legal challenge. Email is one of the biggest drains on a company and this is because employees have a tendency to send things unnecessarily or with large data files attached. From a legal and business stance, not implementing hosted email archiving where messages are backed up centrally is incredibly bad practice.

Fortunately, if you need IT department hire for your hosted email archiving you have come to the right place. Integra can lighten the stress of badly managed data and offload the burden effectively and efficiently. It’s doesn’t matter on the size of your company, by using Integra we can capture your emails and move them into a physical archive shifting the core of responsibility to ourselves and off of your shoulders.

If you would like to talk more about our services then please do feel free to contact us by clicking here. We look forward to hearing from you.