Ethernet Leased Lines

High Speed, Highly Reliable, Dedicated Internet Access

If your business relies on multi-site connectivity or has heavy data requirements, our Ethernet network is just what you need.

Nowadays, we find ourselves being highly reliant on the internet, and should you have no connectivity, you and your business almost come to a complete stop!

Leased Lines are no longer a high-cost luxury as they used to be, where only the largest companies would entertain such an expense. As fibre footprints increase and costs fall, along with a rise in the reliance of fast and stable connections, a leased line is now an essential requirement for any modern business.

You can have confidence in our resilient network and the carrier relationships we have built over the years.

We partner with a total of 7 different UK carriers to deliver leased line services. We have chosen these carriers as they can complement each other either through geographic coverage, or to aid in the delivery of resilient or diverse connectivity. The carrier passes traffic across to our network to manage. Making sense of what carrier to select as part of your quoting journey is made easy, and often it is a choice led by which carrier is cheapest.

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