The vast majority of data breaches are caused by organisations’ own employees despite an ongoing fear of being hacked from an external source. Although unintentional and not frequently done in malice, the loss of data can be incredibly damaging for any business.

Mobile devices and employee laptops brought in from home can be some of the worst culprits by infiltrating the system with encrypted data or viruses. There is also always the risk of human errors, this can happen to companies in every industry. Employees are likely to click on phishing messages or threaten the entire network security unintentionally through lack of training or understanding of the systems in the workplace. Despite popular belief, most ‘IT incidents’ are as a result of employee mistakes.

  • Ways to combat these common internal threats are:
  • To develop specific policies and procedures regarding the handling of information in your business. Employee’s should acknowledge their responsibilities to the company and behave accordingly when it comes to the use and sending of important data.
  • Improve training on both online security and how to use the business systems sufficiently so that employee’s are able to protect information and increase proactivity.
  • Have the appropriate methods in place to ensure systems and servers are monitored at all times.

An organisation can suffer significant reputation and financial damage if steps aren’t taken to prevent internal behaviour threatening important data.

At Integra, we offer IT support contracts to ensure you have the help you need should the worst happen. Gain the peace of mind you need knowing your system is being looked after by IT professionals with years of experience. Whether you have two computers or 500, we keep things running smoothly and work alongside you to assist whenever you need us. In the event of an emergency, we also offer an offsite backup service to ensure all of your important files and saved externally. The software we use can be backed up constantly or at scheduled times, day or night- it’s up to you!

By taking some form of action, a company can put procedures in place that prevent common internal threats and with Integra’s help, you can also greatly reduce the effects of inside breaches should they happen.

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