Our most popular flavour of Hosted Desktop. We have a rich variety of business sectors that use RDS, from accountants, to legal firms to engineering companies. A good all-rounder that is fabulously cost effective.


A technology that builds upon RDS that allows you to “publish” applications. Furthermore, allows for a “clientless” logon experience utilizing HTML5. Basically, RDS with a couple of party tricks!

Graphic Intensive

Every bit the same as our Citrix option above, but with Nvidia graphics capabilities baked into the solution. Ideal for sectors such as, designers, surveyors or architects, that wish to operate graphics heavy applications, such as Adobe Photoshop or AutoDesk.

High Frequency

Servers with turbines… the second coming of server compute power. Every component running twice as quickly as an equivalent Dell PowerEdge server. CPU’s at 5.2Ghz, RAM at 3600 Mhz and NVMe RAID storage. Ideal for financial traders, simulation, artificial intelligence and more.

Available Add Ons

There are a number of optional add ons you can pick and choose for all Hosted Desktop Services

  • Office 365

  • 2 Factor Authentication (Duo)
  • Exchange Email
  • Microsoft Packages
  • Added Disk Space
  • SQL Server

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