Virtual Servers (VPS)

VPS’s are quite simply a server that runs on a virtualised platform, over multiple clusters of dedicated servers.

We run our own dedicated servers, running this platform where you can build your own virtual server to meet your specification requirements. Storage, CPU and Memory can be chosen and tweaked as your demand requires.

Our servers can be built and running in a matter of minutes where you can run our hosting control panel (with no additional charge) on Windows or Linux operating systems, or you can have a blank installation of either Operating System to install your own software as necessary.

  • Customised Specification
  • Choice of Windows & Linux
  • SSD Drives as Standard
  • Setup in Minutes
  • Full Root Access
  • UK Data Centres

Dedicated Servers

  • Guaranteed 100% Network Uptime
  • Guaranteed 100% Power Uptime
  • Free Control Panel
  • Full Control
  • Instant Reboot
  • Engineer Response in 5 Minutes
  • Hardware Replacement
  • Bandwidth Guarantee
  • Price Freeze

Dedicated servers are the next step up from shared hosting and VPS. As the name suggests these are dedicated, stand-alone machines. There is nothing virtual about them, instead you get dedicated, unrestricted access to the performance of a physical server. For busy websites or demanding applications, having access to dedicated resources can make all the difference in terms of performance and reliability.

You can choose from multiple plans, where you can also customise the specifications such as adding hard drives/SSDs, additional memory, more bandwidth and licenses for Remote Desktop & SQL.

All servers include RAID configuration as standard, preventing complete data loss in the event of a disk failure. This, however, does not protect from files being accidentally deleted or corrupted.

Our servers, if ordered early enough, can be built and running that same day and if not then within 24 hours. You can run our hosting control panel, with no additional charge, on Windows or Linux operating systems, or you can have a blank installation of either operating system to install your own software as necessary.

Server Backups

Our managed backup solutions can reduce time spent making remote backups, which can be laborious and maybe forgotten about until it is too late. A nightly backup will ensure you never lose any critical data as it can be restored at any time, quickly and with the minimum amount of fuss.

Data is copied to our off-site disk arrays every night, at a time when disruption to you is at its least, and to minimise load on your server only recently changed files will be copied over.

For Dedicated Servers you can access the backup files via FTP at any time without the need to wait for our assistance. The files/directories that are backed up and the duration the data is held for can be easily adapted to suit your requirements.

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